Meet me:

Recipe dork. Yup, that’s me to a tee! A friend’s surrogate mother used to refer to me as a 16 year old grandma because I so frequently had my nose in one recipe book or another.

More about me: It was my favourite pastime and is a tremendous pleasure to read, test and create recipes to this day. I’m a 40ish mother of two teen boys, a den mother to a teenage girl, caregiver for our in-home daycare, homeschool mom to my youngest son and the wife to an amazing Trekkie, IT manager who works tired for a school division. Tirelessly would infer he’s able to get adequate sleep each night instead of working all hours. 

My enthusiasm for recipes is dwarfed only by my affection for people and contempt for social injustice. When the three combine, recipes, people, and social injustice, my fervor is palpable.

And images of white sand beaches. I love white sand beaches 😀