The Japan Cupcake

SOME aspects of Asian cuisine I’m familiar with; desserts are still largely such an enigma to me. When I say familiar, I mean there are many dishes which I LOVE. Dishes like pancit, shomi, bao, fresh rolls, thai green curry with coconut milk, any variety of dumplings…gosh darn it all, I’m staaaaahving now! THAT was completely unintentional, not to mention off topic.

So about those desserts 😀 Other than fresh fruit, and let’s just get real for a sec, where would we be without so much amazing fruit produced all across Asia, what do most of us know of desserts in East Asia or much of Southeast Asia? Have you ever tasted Mochi, Moon cakes, or how about a serving of red beans or corn for dessert?

Perhaps Mochi/sweet red beans/corn mixed with syrup tastes different by simply changing my setting from a humble kitchen to one of Japan’s striking views? Majestic ancient temples, nearly swallowed up by an astonishing number of cherry blossoms and bordered by impressive snowcapped mountains. If anybody wants to wager me it does, I’m willing to make that trek to Japan and find out for you.

While you all wait to hear the results har har, I’ve created a cupcake which takes inspiration from Sushi, the extraordinary sight of so many cherry blossoms, and what seems to me as an East Asian/Southeast Asian propensity of using foods we North Americans typically see as savory, into desserts. In this case, I use a Japanese yam as the base for a not too sweet buttercream icing. Oh yeah, hold on to your…monkey?! Seriously, that’s what just came to mind. Well, hold on to your monkey, we’re going to make a couple surprising twists and turns and arrive at a spunky flavoured little cupcake!

Be the Bee

Bees can’t fly.  It’s scientifically proven so it must be true.  Their body mass is too large for their gossamer wings.

“You’ll never do that!” or “Why would you do THAT?!”  If you’re breathing, and I’m guessing since you’re reading this you are 😉 , you’ve probably heard something like it.  Sometimes people are incredulous; it’s not necessarily personal.  What you’re attempting is a new concept to them or seems so out of scope, they can’t imagine themselves accomplishing it, so why would you.  Other times, there’s judgement behind those words.  It stings.  Sometimes, those words have been planted so deeply, we say them to ourselves and completely cut off whatever little sapling was growing in our hearts.

Here’s the thing, and this could simply be my experience; so many times the voices we hear telling us why we can’t/shouldn’t/wouldn’t/not smart/resourceful/connected enough are the same voices going around and around.  They’re nothing new.  Seriously, there are some things which should be burned, not recycled.  There are no good reasons why you aren’t good enough.  That kind of thinking is a virus and it’s stoppable.

So in case you haven’t heard this before, you’re enough.  Let me rephrase that. You are more than enough.!  Let that sink in a minute and then let’s take every opportunity to spread these words around.

Being it’s International Woman’s Day, there are some great quotes going around the interweb.  I’m not sure from whom this originated, but I’m excited to share it with you.  “You can’t lift a thousand pounds all at once.  Yet you can easily lift one pound a thousand times.  Tiny, repeated efforts will get you there”.  If there’s one thing I’ve been encouraged with today with is to say “Thank you” to those women, whether in big or small ways who have helped me to keep lifting.  Bzzzz bzzzz

A higher conscientiousness cupcake

Bringing people together is the higher purpose of food…if food could reach a higher conscientiousness IMHO 😉 Local events are in the works which include food and fun and support business at home and abroad.  Too Stoked!  I hope to begin sharing dates and details with you very soon.

Why Am I Doing This

18 months old. That’s the age of the youngest victim of Commercial Sexual Exploitation, I’m aware of. There aren’t enough emoticons to express that kind of pain.

On a rare quiet Saturday morning, no one in my young family was stirring, except for me. I opened the newspaper to discover my delusion of slavery no longer existing was mistaken. I read of two women who, along with their sewing machines, were setting out to the Ukraine to teach young women to sew. When orphaned youth turn 18 in the Ukraine, their birthday gift is a handful of dollars and out the door. With little to no skills whatsoever, they are highly vulnerable to becoming illegally trapped in the sex trade. These two women, along with their sewing machines were going to make a difference. Hearing for the first time of CSE, Commercial Sexual Exploitation, I set out on the internet to find out what organizations and governments had to say and what they were doing.

My life has never been the same.

There is however, beauty for ashes and joy for sorrow. On this site, you’ll be introduced to wonderful organizations who are educating the vulnerable, providing avenues for prevention, rescue and restoration, and helping to change the mindsets and laws of governments who see this as money making within their tourism. You can be involved in effecting change for as little as a one time purchase of $9.99 USD